Hello, Twickenham!

Ruben’s Bakehouse is proud of it’s artisan bread –

hand crafted on site using traditional techniques

and natural ingredients

SOURDOUGH  What is sourdough? Just flour, water, salt + a baker, an oven, time amd most importantly: passion.

WHY IS IT HEALTHY ? The naturally occurring yeast is super easy on the stomach, therefore it’s easier to digest. It’s natural low content of sugar (because we don’t add any!) plus the high content of protein and minerals make it a fantastic choice for every meal. Our ability to create bread using hand crafted methods is definitely what makes our bread unique as each one of the loaves receives special attention from the baker.

Once you try Ruben’s bread you will never go back to supermarket bread 

We bake an entire range of bread, from sourdough to traditional white farmhouse, seeded loaves, multiseed flour, rye specialties and spelt goodness.

Check our Saturday sourdough specialties: caraway, olive, multiseed, wholemeal, wood-fire, sundried tomato, walnut, spelt. 

Our Rye flour range consists of: cracked rye, sunflower seeds rye sourdough, 100% dark rye sourdough and the healthy morning loaf (super high in protein, mixed nuts, raisins and eggs; perfect with salmon!)

sourdough ciabatta and stirato bloomer all bread

Our healthy loves are always made with organic flour from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire.

We never add silly additives or preservatives and we do sell everything on a daily basis so our bread is freshly baked everyday.

Cakes and cocoa

NAUGHTY BUT NICE SWEET TREATS – chocolate brownies, danish pastries, almond croissants and other goodies are available every morning. Yum !

danish-1 chocolate-twirl-1  almond-2 croissant



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