We are switching from our regular plastic/paper cup to the biodegradable cup very soon.

This means that we will serve all our coffees in our biodegradable cup.

In this way we manage to save a little more of those things that otherwise we waste: water, time, plastic and the list can go on.

Why biodegradable? Because we know how much you love our coffee and when you take it away with you in a paper cup we can actually produce less waste. How does that sound ?

Did you know that, even if they look like paper, not all takeaway paper cups are environmentally friendly? That is because some parts of the cup are not recyclable.

So for this reason we choose to switch to biodegradable packaging for all our products, especially coffee, as much as we can.

You can now purchase our homemade ketchup, jam, pesto, tomato sauce, pizza dough… literally anything we do in a recyclable container… or bring your own favourite container ! You only pay for the product, not for the packaging.