Ruben’s Bakehouse is an independent family business with only one branch located in Twickenham. This business was born in 2012 from a desire to transform our passion for food into reality so that everyone can benefit from a product made with extra care and attention.

We’ve started this journey with the greatest confidence that we’re doing the right thing. It feels amazing to be able to bake and make people smile because of it. Let’s talk about baking. Baking is a very simple yet an incredibly complex way of producing food. Everybody can bake, right? You need the simplest ingredients, water, seasoning and a decent oven. Wait the required time and, ecocci qua, you’ve just made your kitchen smell amazing and your neighbours extremely jealous. So what is what is we’re actually doing different? We understand baking as a family thing. It reminds us of our early years of life, our families, our childhood and it doesn’t stop there. Baking is a very ancient process and it is deeply rooted in our culture.

UK’s predominantly rainy cold weather is definitely inspiring us to bake traditional, comforting food that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner, alongside your friends and family.